Nature Reserves & Gardens to visit

Norfolk is a paradise for nature & garden lovers

The North Norfolk Wildlife Trust offers brilliant information about nature reserves in North Norfolk. It is the oldest Wildlife Trust in the country. NWT now care for 40 nature reserves and other protected sites. These are some of their nature reserves:

Nature Reserves not far from Trunch/Norfolk

Pensthorpe is a multi award-winning attraction situated in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside and provides a day of discovery and excitement.
"The wonderful gardens create year round spectacle of interest and colour. With 171 recorded wild bird species and many more that are part of the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust‘s captive breeding and educational programmes, Pensthorpe is an ideal location for both birdwatchers and casual observers."

Southrepps Common is a nature reserve only 2 miles from The Manor House.

Horsey Mere has only restricted access by boat. Winter wildfowl with occasional swans, extensive reed beds and proximity to sea give it a special attraction to birds of passage.

The spectacular Horsey Seals: "Around half of the world's population of grey seals are found around Britain, therefore their protection is of international conservation importance. The scientific name Halichoerus grypus means "Hook-nosed Sea Pig". It is one of our largest mammals but is still vulnerable to disturbance during the pupping season.
Grey seals come ashore to breed - the breeding site is known as a rookery or haul-out. The females (cows) arrive at the breeding sites first and will usually give birth a day later. As mammals they feed their pups on their milk for three weeks, keeping a close territory."

 Gardens to visit